Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cost Saving Tip of the Week #2

Decide on the most important features of your event, and budget around them.

If food is important to you, Select Service is your caterer. We cook everything on site at your event, and we never sacrifice on food quality. What is the most important part of your event to you? Is the food the focus? The party? The entertainment? Allocate your budget around the focus of your event and spend the money where it counts.

Although you may be quoted different prices for food, service, etc, in our experience, a wedding reception ends up being about $100 per guest, for food, service, and rentals, unless you are planning something truly extravagant. There are plenty of ways to trim your budget elsewhere, but when you hire the best, you are letting us know that you care about the food, the presentation, and the service of your event.