Saturday, July 21, 2012

Backyard anniversary party with food stations and shot glass desserts

 It's outdoor party season, and we've been loving this hot weather!  Right at that last backyard event we posted, we did another one, with passed canapes and food stations.  This event was an anniversary celebration with about 100 of the couple's friends and family at their home.

Ahi tuna tartar in sesame cones

Even with lots of trees, we were able to fit plenty of tents on the property for cover from the rain.  While it was great weather for most of the party, the clouds came in towards the end and we're always happy to see tents for an outdoor event.

 Marcus setting up the barbecue for the street food station

Fantastic band, the host of the party is currently filling in on piano and singing along! 

 The finished tuna tartar cones, ready to be passed around to guests

On the street food station, a chilled glass noodle salad with Asian sesame dressing, and the shrimp skewers that came around later were a perfect pairing. 

Dipping sauces for the chicken skewers - tamarind, sweet chili, and soya ginger 

These are our new favourite skewers this summer - Szechwan pork and apple with savoury sage donut, along with ribbons of beef tenderloin, and chicken satays 

We used banana leaves on the table for a pop of colour - it was a perfect match for the host's pretty gardens 

Matt from Caudle's Catch in Kitchener is setting up his raw bar station 

Ryan and Grant are busy at the bar - we set the bar further back on the property to encourage guests to move around instead of staying near the entrance 

Grilled zucchini and asparagus pinwheels 

Natalie is busy assembling the delicate canapes before they are sent out to the guests 

 Shrimp skewers, the perfect compliment to the Asian glass noodle salads
We love shot glass desserts!  Tiramisu being lined up in neat little rows 

A little blurry, but these are a deconstructed Gateau St Honore, a favourite dessert of the host.  Pastry cream in the bottle, and a cream filled puff with crunchy caramelized sugar on top 

 The fruity option, balsamic and pepper strawberries with cream.  Simple and familiar, with a twist!