Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stand-up Reception with Passed Canapes at Victoria Park Pavilion

An elegant alternative to the traditional sit-down dinner for your wedding, stand-up receptions allow your guests to try a variety of flavours and tastes all in one meal. For a meal replacement (a reception held over the dinner hour), you'll want to choose 10-12 different types to offer your guests. You'll have fun choosing the best menu to serve at your event, we have more than 200 different canapes available, and we're always creating new ones. Our staff walk them around to all of your guests so no one is missed, and everything is served fresh from the oven, or is assembled on site at your event.

Joseph models the miniature pizzas with tomato, thyme, and Parmesan

Chicken satays with spicy peanut sauce are just about ready to go out

Cherry tomatoes stuffed with artichoke, basil, and garlic

A great space for a stand-up reception. We added high bar tables at one end to encourage guests to stand and mingle, and place a few tables and chairs at the other end for limited guest seating.

Our signature Premium Coffee and Tea Station, complete with rock candy demitasse sticks

Wedding brunch

On Sunday August 22, we catered a relaxed day-after wedding brunch for about 60 guests.  Held inside the host’s home, we set up a buffet table in the dining room with breakfast pastries, salads, sliced deli meats, and fresh fruit.  In the kitchen, we created a live-action omelette bar accompanied with breakfast sausages, bacon, and home fries.  A great way to wind down after the big day with your friends and family.




Taste Local! Taste Fresh!

Join us on Sunday September 19 for the Taste Local! Taste Fresh! festival. Local restaurants are paired up with local food suppliers to create tempting 2-bite appetizers that showcase the amazing food available in our region. This is our third year supporting this great event, and this year we are paired up with Gillespie Garden, a farm store in Cambridge.

Tickets are still on sale for this event, but only 400 are available, and last year they were sold out. If you buy your tickets before August 31, they are $65, and they are $75 from September 1.

This year the event will be held at Riverside Meadows Park, in St Jacobs from 2-5. We hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer barbecue buffet at Hauser Hall

Our popular barbecue buffet with chilled salads presented for 60 guests at Hauser Hall in August 2010. The buffet was set up to be double-sided to avoid the line-up that often happens with a traditional buffet. Our granite slab is used on the buffet in place of a traditional chaffing dish to keep the meats hot.

Janeth is busy getting everything ready for the meal. We cook on-site at every event, so we arrive in the afternoon to set up our kitchen space and start cooking before your guests arrive.

Erika and Imogen are ready for guests to enjoy the buffet.

"T" shaped buffet allows guests to serve themselves from both sides. Labels were included with every item, and our team attends the buffet to answer any questions.

Juicy strip loin, sesame and soya chicken skewers, cedar planked salmon, baby potato skewers, and grilled summer vegetable skewers.

Plating for dessert. The menu featured a buffet dinner and served dessert, classic strawberry shortcake.

Moroccan themed buffet

A buffet dinner for 60 people held at the host's home, featuring a Moroccan themed menu. We roasted a Mechoui lamb roast on a spit during the afternoon, and the menu featured chicken with olives and preserved lemon, carrot and raisin salad, orange and date salad, exotic spiced cous cous salad, layered tomato and cucumber salad, and apple and quinoa salad.

Welcome to our new home

Earlier this summer we held an open house at our new location to invite customers and friends so see our kitchen. Most customers had never seen our old location, but we can assure this is a big step up. Stop by any time for our tour, we'll be happy to show you around!

Our work space

The heart of our kitchen

The dish area

Our extensive prop department. We have an entire room dedicated to storing dishes, platters, baskets, and props to decorate buffets and pull together your theme

We've taken advantage of every available inch to store all of the items you might need for your next event.