Thursday, July 29, 2010

TinkerBell Themed Birthday Cake

A delightful cake completed by Victoria and Kelvin for a July birthday. We used pastillage (a sugar paste that dries rock hard) to create the butterflies and the large petals around the top cake. The green leaves are made out of our house-made chocolate fondant, tinted green, and embossed with a leaf imprint. The TinkerBell candle atop the cake was purchased at a cake supply store.

Cost Saving Tip of the Week #7

Get all your rentals from the same place.

While it may be tempting to sort through rental company websites to pick and choose the best dishware styles and cutlery patterns to suit your event, you will rack up extra delivery charges. Rental companies often charge a flat delivery rate to transport your order to your venue or home (more if it's a Sunday or after hours), and having more than one rental company supplying to your event will add up. There is also the added stress of keeping track of the items that belong to Company A and what belongs to Company B to get it all back to them. If it's a particular chair you're after, or a style of tent, find the company that provides it, and get everything else you need from that company.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Outdoor country themed engagement party

On Thursday July 8, Select Service catered an outdoor engagement party with a feminine country theme. Guests were greeted with a refreshing drink station with classic Southern iced tea (with optional flavoured syrups) and pink lemonade. The menu included barbecued steaks and chicken, as well as a buffet assortment of salads. Dessert featured finger desserts, including mini tarts, cheesecakes, squares, and cookies.