Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cost Saving Tip of the Week #6

Hire a professional.

As kind and considerate as it is for a friend to offer their services for your event, many jobs are better left to professionals who have the right tools, equipment, and experience to get the job done. Cooking in large quantity for groups is not something you should try out for the first time for your friend's wedding. Caterers are skilled at what we do, and our job is to make your wedding stress- and worry-free. Our facilities are health inspected regularly, we maintain proper temperature control from preparation to presentation, and we bring the right equipment to the event to cook everything on-site for maximum freshness and quality.

While hiring a professional may not save you money, it will save you your friendships, and you can sit back and enjoy your party.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cost Saving Tip of the Week #5

Contrary to popular belief, buffet or family style will not necessarily save you money.

When discussing your menu, your caterer will explain the finer points of the main categories of service styles - buffet, plated, family style, or stand-up. We come across many clients who lean toward buffet or family style simply because it has a reputation for being a less expensive choice. When you factor in all costs for your meal, including service, food, and rentals, the buffet will not be your inexpensive option if you are booking with a reputable caterer. A properly planned buffet will include enough food for everyone to have a little of everything. At Select, we allot enough food for everyone to have a generous portion, and to go back for seconds. Yes, this means there is more wasted food, but your other option is to run out of food, and no good caterer should ever run out of food.

The service/labour cost is the other half of the equation. While you can potentially save on the cost of service for a buffet, the food cost is higher and ultimately makes it the same cost as a plated menu, where the portions are controlled. In addition to the service cost considerations, a buffet also requires more rental items - the tables and linens for the buffet, chafing dishes, platters, decoration, and serving utensils. Consider all of your service options and the true cost of each before making your selection. If budget is a concern, talk with your caterer about ways to trim the budget without sacrificing on quality.