Monday, November 5, 2012

July food station wedding at Victoria Park Pavilion

Long overdue post from Aleah and Chris' wedding at Victoria Park Pavilion in July this year.  The wedding was held later in the evening, after the traditional dinner hour, so the "meal" they offered was a selection of passed hors d'oeuvres along with food stations offering small plates.

When planning a stand up reception, remember to limit the amount of seating around the room.  If you provide enough chairs for everyone, your guests will plunk down and not move for the rest of the night.  Encourage them to move around and mingle by breaking up the stations around the room, and providing standing tables (high bar tables, or cruiser tables).

The room set up for the ceremony.  All of the tables for seating and the high bar tables were moved off to the side of the room, ready to be slid into place immediately following the ceremony.  Tablescape decor was done by the fabulous team at Special Events and Flowers.

Pretty chandeliers on each table.

Clusters of simple flowers in short vases on each table

All the high and low tables are waiting for their turn in the spotlight

Lots of candles, the room had a very romantic feeling as the sun was setting

Candy bar completed by friends of the bride

Teeny tiny taco, anyone?

Lisa slices rare beef tenderloin for the chilled sliders

The food stations are coming together as guests mingle during the reception

The "bones" of the mashed potato martini bar - lots of glass, silver, and mirror

Stephanie scoops mashed potato for guests to top with their own add-ins

The meat station, featuring pulled pork in crisp wonton cups, chilled beef tenderloin sliders, and chicken satays with dipping sauces.

Shaken, or stirred?  Select's signature salad "bar", with Franziska filling a martini shaker with mixed greens and dressing

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