Monday, November 5, 2012

Tent Wedding with a Plated Dinner for 120 at the Rockwood Ruins

Congratulations Paulette and Aengus!  Their wedding planning was all done out of the province for their late summer outdoor wedding at the Rockwood Ruins, and it took a lot of people to bring their vision together.  Creating a dining room on a grass field involves many different vendors and specialists, including your favourite local caterer with experience working where there is no kitchen.

The Rockwood Ruins was a beautiful site for a wedding, with a perfect backdrop for pictures, and plenty of things for guests to see and explore.  When planning an outdoor event, the biggest thing to check for is adequate power for all of your vendors.  Even one standard coffee percolator will use a circuit all to itself, and you also need lighting, power for your DJ, and of course for your caterer.

Bouquet salads being prepared from our kitchen tent next to the main tent.

The next best thing to having your tent inside the Ruins, which is unfortunately not an option at the site - the back of the tent was right up against the Ruins.

This is where the magic happens - could you imagine cooking a plated dinner for 120 people outdoors?

Andy is most at home behind the grill

Lisa's bar is set up and ready for the first guests to arrive

We can't say enough about how much we love these folding garden chairs - perfect for outdoor events, the feet don't sink into the grass!

Main entrance to the tent

So pretty for pictures, it was a perfect day.

Our catering trailer is our new favourite toy - everything we need all in one place

Cedar planked tilapia, soon to be topped with pineapple salsa

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